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Lakers Preschool Child Care & Laker 3s

Lakers Preschool Childcare and the Laker 3s program are branches of Kids’ Company.  Serving families and children ages 3-5, these quality programs offer a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for children to play, develop skills, and explore. Children are welcomed into a supportive classroom where everyone belongs and are celebrated for the qualities that make them unique.

A child’s imagination knows no limits.  At Lakers Preschool Childcare and in the Laker 3s program, staff foster natural curiosity by introducing open-ended activities and stations that promote purposeful, exploratory play. Both programs offer a structured day, incorporating routines that meet the developmental needs of our youngest learners. Daily schedules include small group/circle time, hands-on pretend and sensory play, movement breaks, meals, rest time (when applicable), and a variety of staff-led motor activities. Children are guided as they navigate peer relationships and friendships, develop social and emotional skills, and participate in group and independent play.

Lakers Preschool Childcare partners with Circle of Friends Preschool to align and compliment curriculum efforts and focuses.  

Join us, as we let our imaginations and creativity run wild!

2023-24 Lakers Preschool Childcare

2023-24 Laker 3s Program

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